Business administration studies in the Netherlands

Bachelor Business Administration

Students from many countries choose for business administration studies in the Netherlands. In Holland you can be taught at the highest level in business administration in the Netherlands. Also there are much opportunities for a next study or a great career ij Holland or other European countries. That’s why many future professionals start at one of the great business administration studies in the Netherlands.

Holland is a traditionally high ranking country in many university grades. The Netherlands are in the forefront of academic life in Europe. Students love this country with cities like Amsterdam and travelling to Schiphol Airport costs a little travelling time. Dutch professors at the various courses of business administration are true experts who make every business university in the Netherlands at an international acclaimed height. A country such as Holland is in the centre of the European business market. Business administration studies in the Netherlands guarantee you a strong preparation in a future business and sales career.

Much collaborations with great companies at Dutch business administration studies

Register yourself at a course of business administration studies in the Netherlands. For access on this kind of studies a diploma equivalent to the VWO diploma in the Netherlands is obligated. Business administration studies in Holland provide you all business-related disciplines, like finance, international business, online business, marketing and business law. Optionally you can choose a specialization after finishing a bachelor business administration. Popular universities like Amsterdam or Leiden also continue your path of study in a master setting.

This kind of business universities frequently collaborate with the greatest Dutch and European companies. The love to cooperate with the Dutch scholar system. Former students of the Dutch business administration studies have great early-career earnings, a high above average income compared to graduates in other study directions.

Business students love the netherlands

Holland is a great country for academic life. It’s one of the most internationally orientated areas in Europe, especially the western part. The Netherlands offer you a safe and diverse society and everyone can speak English. Leiden has nice housing options on or near the campus and with a fair selection system.

When you have finished a bachelor at a Dutch business university, you will get excellent connection opportunities for a following study in Holland or elsewhere in Europe. The academic business education in the Netherlands delivers you various skills, like negotiation tactics, business analysis, the use of online tools and financial analysis. Check the websites of universities for rankings and information about degree requirements.